Credit and dental expenses: can we make a loan for dentists expenses?

Do you have dental costs to pay, these are not covered by your insurance? Have you ever thought about the credit solution? Fast and flexible, this product can help you pay your dentist bills. Our explanations and advice.


What does insurance cover?

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Dental costs are in principle not covered by basic insurance (LAMal). The only exception concerns medical cases (dental diseases). In all other cases, only a complementary insurance (LCA) will make it possible to obtain a possible reimbursement of costs, under conditions which will vary depending on the insurance company and the type of complementary insurance. These reimbursements will be subject to a deductible, and the patient will have to pay their loved one part of the costs. On the other hand, a person who does not have a dental supplement will have to assume all the dentist costs.


Can we make a credit to cover dentist costs?

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Yes, it is quite possible to take a private loan to pay a dentist bill, see for example the page of Goodtip Credit which deals with dental costs. Thus, a dental credit:

  • Can be subscribed for any amount from 3’000 dollars. The upper limit of the loan will depend on the situation of each applicant.
  • Can be reimbursed over a period ranging from 12 to 84 months. Prepayment is always possible and saves on loan interest.
  • Can be freely used as needed. Once the money is in their bank account, the borrower can use it as needed: dentist fees or other projects.


Who can use this solution?

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A dentist loan is like a consumer loan. This solution is therefore subject to the same conditions and restrictions of a “classic” consumer loan, namely:

  • The applicant must have a regular income, sufficient to be able to repay their monthly payments without risk of over-indebtedness
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old, and at most 67 years old
  • The plaintiff must have no lawsuits or acts of default of property
  • This solution is intended for Swiss people or foreigners with a type B, C or G permit (cross-border), see holders of legitimation cards.


How much does a dental loan cost?

dental loan cost?

The cost of a private loan depends on three factors: the amount borrowed, the interest rate, and the duration of repayment. As an indication, a loan of 5,000 dollars with a repayment over 24 months and an interest rate of 6.9% (on average) costs 446.- per month.



credit loan

In principle, it is possible to get money from a dental loan fairly quickly. Once the documents have been gathered to study the file, the decision generally takes 1-2 working days. Once the contract is signed, the money is available within 14 days, which corresponds to the statutory revocation period. To obtain a loan in a simple and fast way, the best remains to call on an agency like Goodtip Credit or even Creditplot which will be able to take care of the file, and especially to optimize the latter in order to guarantee better conditions.

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