Loan offer for metalworkers.

Are you hired through Best bank and are wondering if your job gives you the possibility of accessing a loan by transferring the loan? Today we are dealing with this very issue, trying to analyze the possible solutions for the transfer of the fifth for workers hired with a metalworking contract.

Loans: requirements that metalworkers must possess

Loans: requirements that metalworkers must possess

To access a loan by transferring the fifth, it is essential to be in possession of a paycheck, such as to represent an absolute certainty of fixed income. The paycheck is in fact presented as the only guarantee required, and no other assessment on the subject is required or carried out to establish the ability to return to the loan of the individual who made the loan request.

The only further element that will be taken into consideration is the possible presence of other loans that could subject the subject to an over-indebted situation, thus making the return on the loan or, better still, the loans currently opened by the subject unmanageable.

Therefore, the individual must be hired indefinitely by a stable company, which therefore has no plans in the near future or already in a lay-off contract or similar measures. Some critical issues are linked to the requests made by employees of companies with fewer than 16 employees, since the number of employees is intended for a company as a symptom of stability in the economic reality itself. If you are regularly employed indefinitely by a serious company, however, no critical issues should be linked to your request.

The economic treatment

The economic treatment

The economic treatment is in all respects comparable to that reserved for any other type of employee of a proven company. In any case, therefore, as for any loan by transferring the fifth, the amount to be allocated to the installment must not exceed 20% of the monthly coupon received.

It is necessary to contact your bank or financial reference to understand at this point the possible solutions applicable to your specific economic and income situation. The board is in the first instance to consult its reference bank, in order to verify specific economic treatments reserved for current account holders. A second step is instead to resort to one of the numerous online comparators, which give the possibility to verify by setting the search conditions only once a series of solutions, ordering them according to the desired criteria.

In addition to the aggregators, you can also use the individual sites of the various banks and financial institutions that increasingly give the possibility to request online quotes without any future obligation. The last way is to go directly to the bank by going to the counter or making an appointment with a consultant.

Bargaining in the branch is usually slightly more expensive, but it is considered more reassuring since it allows you to have answers to any doubts and targeted and personalized advice, especially useful for those who are not experts in the sector. During the evaluation phase, remember to consider the TAN, but above all the APR, the indicator that allows you to understand the overall cost of the loan itself.

There are also trade unions or banking / financial companies that have decided to wink at the metalworkers. By way of example, we would like to mention the Cash Fund, a national supplementary pension fund reserved specifically for workers in the metalworking, plant, gold and silver industries. This fund was born more than 10 years ago from an agreement between companies and trade unions in the sector in order to protect the workers and guarantee them a correct pension treatment, integrating the social security already provided for by law. Members of this fund can have access to a series of dedicated treatments.

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