Long-term loans for those in debt up to USD 50,000

The financial market is growing dynamically from year to year. We currently have access to many companies that provide loans to those in debt .

Until recently, payday loans dominated over all financial offers, while today long-term loans for the indebted are leading in the rankings. More and more customers value the repayment period as the main determinant when applying for financing in non-bank companies. Why is this happening? What makes long-term loans different from other offers?

Long-term loans for debtors – ranking

Long-term loans for debtors - ranking

The following list presents offers selected by our experts. We can also find companies for which the debt will not matter.

  • payday loan
  • Installment loan
  • First Free
  • Without BIK

Long-term loans for the indebted – advantages and disadvantages

Long-term loans for the indebted - advantages and disadvantages

Before proceeding to the full description, at the beginning it is worth pointing out what distinguishes long-term loans from other offers.


  • long repayment period;
  • even for people in debt in BIK, KRD, ERIF or bailiff;
  • without leaving home;
  • the ability to collect money at the post office (GIRO check) ;
  • high loan amount;
  • without unnecessary paperwork.


  • are more expensive than payday loans;
  • sometimes we may be asked to send earnings certificates;
  • most often the minimum age is 21 years.

Installment loans for those in debt – when to apply?

Installment loans for those in debt - when to apply?

When we need more cash, long-term loans for the indebted are the safer option. One reason for getting into debt may be too short a repayment period – as is the case with short-term loans.

One month to donate money is usually insufficient, and any exceeding the deadline generates additional costs. When choosing a loan in installments for those in debt, we choose the period in which we want to pay them back. A larger period gives us smaller installments, and thanks to that we can easily give away a little more than one large sum at a time.

Regardless of whether we are looking for loans for those in debt without a guarantor or a maintenance loan , we can tailor each of these offers to your own needs.

Of course, we must remember that the larger the installments, the more often we have to give back more money than we borrowed. Before taking out a loan for installments for the indebted, it is best to read the proposed repayment plan carefully and check whether we are able to designate enough money from our budget to make it a monthly installment.

Long-term loans with a bailiff

Long-term loans with a bailiff

When our debt is very large and the creditor is not able to collect the money on our own, the case may end with the initiation of a bailiff’s execution. A loan with a bailiff can be a support for people who have serious financial problems and suddenly need extra cash. There are many random situations that we have no influence on. Therefore, companies that give long-term loans to debtors with a bailiff come to the rescue for such people.

Installment loans are also available to people without creditworthiness . With this type of problem, the list of companies where we can get a loan is much smaller. However, this does not close such people’s path to positive acceptance of the loan application. Just be patient and find the right company for our expectations.

Long-term loans for indebted people – is it worth it?

Long-term loans for indebted people - is it worth it?

We have already mentioned it many times, but we cannot forget about the risk that each cash borrowing involves. Regardless of whether we take a loan from a bank or from a family member. We must always remember that fate may not be kind to us and will leave us in a situation where we will lack the money to pay off a long-term loan for those in debt.

With large expenses, it is worth considering choosing a company where we can choose a long repayment period. Thanks to this, we won’t have to worry that at the end of the month we have to spend most of our payday payday payday repayment. If we choose the perfect offer for you, then each payment to the lender’s account will not be a heavy burden for us.

Long-term loans for those in debt must be tailored perfectly to us. Too small a period when taking a large amount can significantly damage our household budget and lead to a difficult situation from which it is already difficult to get out.

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